Performance Research Experiment #1  (P.R.E. #1)

Tech Rider

Description/General Information

This performance can be performed in all sorts of spaces.  Ideal for smaller theater venues , but also interesting for Street type venues require some control of access so that the whole audience arrives early enough to understand the rules of our game.

We propose a series of  11 « Micropieces » / « performative events », which the audience is able to stop by siignalling the performers verbally. (The participation of the audience is fundamental for the piece – the artists must be capable to hear and understand the audience )

Duration : 35 to 50 minutes (depending on the audience)

Audience :  Suitable for between 50 to 500 persons of all ages, although depending on local customs men in underwear may require some audience forewarning.

Performance Space :

-Opening of stage 3 meters minimum

-Depth of stage 3 meters minimum

-   Height of space 3,5 meters minimum

- Sprung Dance Floor preferable but not absolutely required, Floor covering must be suitable for rolling and laying on the floor. Dance floor or carpet  required for outdoor venues.

Sound: No PA required, performers speak live acoustically from the stage – (the artists must be capable to hear and understand the audience )

Lighting: The light can be improvised or very simple. but must take into account upward visibility for juggling type activities.


Before the arrival of the artists the organizer will secure and provide:

- 2 brooms. 1,5 meters minimum height (local styles appreciated)

- 60 small balls of a regional sport, preferably related to local culture, for example : France : boule de petanques / usa : baseballs / … what would be caracteristic for your town/land ?? billiards?ping pong?(more than 60 then required)

Rehearsal Requirements:

  1. -Minimum of 2 Hours rehearsal time required (with technician and all objects present) at least 4 hours before the first show call.-

  2. -2 hours warm-up and prep time required before each show.


-Heated dressing room and warm shower.

-   Drinkable water at the theater site.

Contact :

Jess Curtis

jess {at} jesscurtisgravity {.} org

+ (Germany)

+1.415.435.7549 (US)

Jörg müller

jorg {at} mullerj {.} org

mobile : +33 662 860 105

Contact Diffusion :

- Julien Couzy  - SI PAR HASARD

- julien.couzy {at} siparhasard {.} com

- Tel : +33 524 600 438 

- Mobile : +33 685 327 664

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